Doggie-olis, all natural dog treats,  was an idea that was started about 15 years ago when Tom was still working in the restaurant business.  He made raviolis by hand and always fed them to his dog Bucca.  He had said that one day he would make special raviolis for dogs.  Many years and many recipes later, we started Doggie-olis.


When you open the package of Doggie-olis, you will smell the peanut butter immediately.  You might even have an urge to taste one...go ahead.  These are made with human ingredients so you can bet when they are coming fresh out of the oven, my kids are eating them along with the dogs.


I want to thank you for trying our product and I hope you will continue to be a customer as this business grows.  Please feel free to comment on anything you see that could be improved.


Thank you,

Tom and Doreen

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